The 5C's that Lucid Gems has to offer   


Lucid Gems is proud to be a part of the Diamond Industry in India, the hub of the World Diamond Industry. Lucid Gems is a DTC Sightholder. We follow the best practice principles of DTC. We are prime manufacturers of cut and polished diamonds ranging in sizes from 2 pointers to 70 pointers. We also manufacture sizes ranging from 4 grainers to 6 grainers. All above sizes are available from VVS to P3 quality, in white and cape colour.

Our assortment, purity, colour, etc... are verified by certified professionals trained by International Gemological Institute to ensure strict quality control.

The impeccably cut stones have a fire and luster unparalleled in the diamond industry. From flawless to piques, in round and fancies, the large inventory makes a jewelers life easy.

You can now place an order online for your here.


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